Luncheon to Boost Cooperation Ahead of 3rd UN Conference on LLDCs

Jan 23, 2024 | 1:46 pm

Beijing, January 19, 2024 –

In a bid to address the distinct challenges faced by Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCs) and amplify their voices at the upcoming 3rd UN Conference on LLDCs, the International Think Tank for Landlocked Developing Countries (ITTLLDC) organized a Luncheon-Information Dissemination Session at the Embassy of Mongolia in Beijing on January 19, 2024.

The luncheon brought together Ambassadors and delegates of LLDCs based in China, providing a dynamic platform to foster dialogue and disseminate essential information about the 3rd UN Conference on LLDCs scheduled for June 2024 in Kigali, Rwanda.The 32 LLDCs face unique challenges, including a lack of territorial access to the sea, remoteness from global markets, and inefficient transit procedures, hindering economic growth and development. The luncheon aimed to enhance awareness and understanding of these challenges, identify collaborative opportunities, and develop actionable recommendations for inclusion in the upcoming conference.

The event commenced with welcome remarks by the Minister Counsellor and Deputy Chief of the Mission of the Embassy of Mongolia to PRC Mr. Munkhtushig Lkhanaajav, followed by a keynote address from ITTLLDC Executive Director Mr. Dulguun Damdin-Od providing an overview of the current challenges faced by LLDCs. A presentation on the preparation for the 3rd UN Conference and an overview of the new development program for landlocked developing countries set the stage for an interactive discussion, allowing Ambassadors and delegates to exchange views and propose collaborative solutions.

The expected outcomes of the luncheon include enhanced awareness and understanding of the unique challenges faced by LLDCs, identification of collaborative opportunities and potential partnerships, and the development of actionable recommendations. These outcomes will be synthesized into a comprehensive report to be presented during the official sessions of the 3rd UN Conference on LLDCs, contributing to a unified and impactful representation of LLDCs on the global stage.As the luncheon concluded with a networking session, participants had informal opportunities to strengthen diplomatic ties and foster a sense of solidarity among LLDCs, setting the stage for increased cooperation leading up to the pivotal UN Conference in June 2024.

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