Inland waterways

Things to KNOW

  • Inland waterways provide transit services to some LLDCs. The Central African region that has the weakest infrastructure network on the African continent intends to scale up development of its inland waterways through the International Commission for Congo-Oubangui-Sangha Basin. The Commission recognizes the untapped potential of the Congo basin, which has a navigable network of 12,000 km, covering nearly 4 million km2 in 9 countries. The river corridor suffers from outdated and insuffi cient infrastructure, inadequate channel markings and numerous non-physical barriers to movement. The Commission plans to improve the physical and regulatory arrangements towards an effective redevelopment of inland navigation.

Things to DO

  • Develop new waterways and expand existing ones.
  • Establish an appropriate legal framework to govern river/lake navigational operations and expand lake/river infrastructure facilities.
  • Support the efforts of the International Commission for Congo-Oubangui-Sangha Basin.
  • Fully integrate environmental sustainability and safety measures in development policies, programmes and practices.

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