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Joint Conference on “Unlocking Asian Landlocked Countries”

Dec 5, 2018 | 5:08 pm

Monday, 10 December 2018 from 15:00 to 18:00

at European Institute for Asian Studies,


14:30-15:00         Registration

15:00-15:15         Welcome Speech by the Chair

Mr Axel Goethals, CEO, European Institute for Asian Studies (EIAS)

15:15-15:45         Keynote Addresses

Mr Odbayar Erdenetsogt, Director General, International Think Tank for LLDCs

Mr Bayaraa  Sanjaasuren, Director, Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation Institute

15:45-16:10         Presentations by LLDCs

H.E. Od Och, Ambassador of Mongolia to the European Union, Belgium and Luxembourg

H.E. Lok Bahadur Thapa, Ambassador of Nepal to the European Union, Belgium and Luxembourg

H.E. Diliyor Khakimov, Ambassador of Uzbekistan to the European Union, Belgium and Luxembourg

H.E. Pema Choden, Ambassador of Bhutan to the European Union, Belgium and Luxembourg

16:10-18:00         Panel Discussion and Q&A

Mr Gwilym Jones, Head Brussels Office, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Mr. Mikolaj Dowgielewicz, Permanent Representative European Investment Bank

Mr Karel Van Eetvelt, CE0, Febelfin

Mr Pascal Kerneis, Managing Director, European Services Forum

18:00-20:00         Cocktail Reception

FinTech – Unlocking Asian Landlocked Countries
Rue de la Loi 26, 10th Floor, B-1040 Brussels

FinTech is based around two pillars: digital development and innovative financial services. The FinTech revolution is driven by exponentially fast digital developments. FinTech is all about innovation, interaction, and financial interconnectivity between people. The smartphone revolution is a prime example. Even the poorest, illiterate communities suddenly become globally connected and digitally literate.

The service industry, and more specifically FinTech, are therefore key elements for economically unlocking landlocked countries in Asia. FinTech finally allows landlocked countries to no longer be bound by physical boundaries and borders and to become really internationally connected.

A European landlocked country such as Luxembourg is the perfect example of how focusing on the development of high-tech financial services and its FinTech industry can serve as a model for Asian landlocked countries.

The European Institute for Asian Studies (EIAS), the International Think-Tank for Landlocked Developing Countries (ITT-LLDCs) and the Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation Institute (CAREC-I) are focused on developing adapted and tailor made FinTech concepts for the landlocked countries in Asia. By jointly embracing the FinTech revolution, the Asian landlocked countries can set themselves at the center of innovation.

The purpose of the Conference is to explore how European FinTech can contribute with expertise and collaborate in the FinTech development in the Asian Landlocked countries. This can help them leapfrog and bring the Asian landlocked countries at the forefront of innovative technologies.


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