ITTLLDC participates in High-level Euro-Asia Review Meeting of the VPoA

Sep 29, 2023 | 12:00 pm

The International Think Tank for Landlocked Developing Countries (ITTLDC) has been accorded a prominent role by the United Nations Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States (UN-OHRLLS) at the prestigious High-level Euro-Asia Regional Review Meeting. This meeting is centered around the Vienna Programme of Action (VPoA) for Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCs) during the Decade 2014–2024.

In line with resolutions 76/217 and 77/246 from the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), which have prompted the convening of the Third United Nations Conference on LLDCs in 2024, this Review Meeting assumes a pivotal role in comprehensively evaluating the VPoA’s implementation. The goal is to formulate a renewed framework of international support for LLDCs’ unique requirements while enhancing partnerships between LLDCs, transit countries, and their development collaborators.

The Review Meeting, held in Bangkok, Thailand on August 22-23rd, 2023, saw the participation of Mr. Dulguun, Executive Director of ITTLDC, as a distinguished panelist. He contributed to “Panel Discussion 6: Priorities of the next programme of action for LLDCs.” Here, panelists explored avenues to expedite COVID-19 pandemic recovery, achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and design an ambitious program for LLDCs for the upcoming decade. Mr. Dulguun’s insights encompassed recommendations on targets, commitments, and deliverables, envisioning a transformative VPoA that significantly propels SDG achievement in the Euro-Asia Region’s LLDCs.

Anticipated outcomes from the Review Meeting comprise the adoption of an outcome document that will offer substantive inputs for the Third United Nations Conference for LLDCs. This document is poised to serve as a crucial foundation for the Preparatory Committee Meetings slated for early 2024 in New York.

Dignitaries, ministers, senior government officials responsible for VPoA implementation, transit and trade-related issues, infrastructure development, and finance, congregated at the meeting from Europe and Asia. Transit country representatives, development partners, the United Nations system, pertinent regional organizations, international financial institutions, and the private sector contributed to a vibrant exchange of ideas and strategies. The gathering underscored the collective commitment to propelling the development and well-being of LLDCs in Europe and Asia.

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