ITTLLDC attends 14th meeting of the IACG

Jun 17, 2023 | 8:49 pm

The 14th meeting of the United Nations Inter-Agency Consultative Group (IACG) on Landlocked Developing Countries took take place in hybrid format at the Palais des Nations in Geneva on 12th of June, 2023. The IACG meeting is being organized in the context of the preparations for the Third UN Conference on LLDCs in 2024 that was mandated by the UN General Assembly in resolutions 76/217 and 77/246.

ITTLLDC Executive Director took this opportunity to not only re-introduce the activities of the ITTLLDC to the IACG group but also to provide his recommendations for expediting the implementation process of the Vienna Programme of Action for LLDCs(VPoA).

The IACG is an informal consultative mechanism with experts on LLDCs issues from the UN and other international and regional organizations, convened by the UN-OHRLLS, where it focuses on opportunities to enhance coordination and collaboration in support of LLDCs in the implementation of the Vienna Programme of Action for LLDCs for the Decade 2014-2024, and each member contributes based on their organizations’ area of expertise.

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